FAQ Prospective Students

Question 1: If I am going to register as a new student in this university, what are the things that I need to prepare for coming to UUM?

Answer: Students must carry enough pocket money to buy food, daily necessities, writing utensils and books. In addition, students are required to bring their own pillow, bed covers, bathroom fittings and other items that can help you during your stay at the hostel. Student should not bring non permitted items such as refrigerators, cooking utensils and high powered electronic devices. 

Question 2: As a new student, can I bring my own vehicle into the campus?


Answer: New students are NOT allowed to bring their own vehicles to campus. The university has provided adequate buses to transport all students to their class buildings and back to the residential hall. There are exceptional cases, where flexibility is given final year students, students who hold the position as club committee members or residential hall leadership committee as well as students who have health conditions or disabilities.


Question 3: Where do I buy daily necessities? Is there a supermarket nearby? How can I get there with public transportation?


Answer: You can buy daily necessities in UUM because there small shops nearby the residential halls in the university. However, you can also go to Pekan Changlun (Supermarkets C-Mart, KFC, Marry Brown, Pizza Hut & etc), Jitra (Tesco, C-Mart, leading banks, Pizza Hut, Dominos Pizza & etc) and Alor Setar, the central state of Kedah. The University provides bus transport to the towns nearby. Public Bus Service (Mara Liner) also provides services in every DPP for students out of the city.


Question 4: What is the electrical equipment that can be brought to hostel?


Answer: The equipment can be brought to a residence is a cell phone and charger, computer laptop / computer with printer, iron for cloth and kettle.


Question 5: What are the fees charged to the student accommodation?


Answer: You can check the fee rates charged here.


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