FAQ Current Students

Question 1: Is the room designation in the residential hall is permanent or temporary for the whole duration of study in UUM?

 Answer: The room designation of students in DPP EON will be informed by the administration office and students may be assigned to a different room for the following semester. However any room request will be based on the criteria such as amount of activity that the student joined and the medical condition.

 Question 2: If an emergency / breakdown when I was in DPP EON, what should I do?

Answer: Students should contact Assistant Residents (Resident Assistant @ RA) in case of any emergency / damage.

 Question 3: If I want to switch DPP, what should I do?

 Answer: You can apply by filling the DPP Exchange Application before the semester break. Students are expected to complete the form and seek the relevant principals from the exiting and receiving residential hall. After that student will furnish their completed forms to the officials Student Accommodation Centre (SAC) before you can switch to other DPP.

 Question 4: If I lose my key / left keys in the room, what should I do?

 Answer: Loss of key / left keys in the room is not a case of emergency. You can get a duplicate key in the Office of the DPP EON during office hours. In the event of non-office hours, you can contact the Resident Assistant for a temporary stay or Assistant Principal in charge (subject to the discretion of the Assistant Principal). Loss of key due to the negligence of students will be fined.

 Question 5: How do I know Duty Roster Assistant Principal?

 Answer: Duty Roster Assistant Principal can be found at DPP EON office, DPP EON website home page and also on the Facebook.

 Question 6: Are there services broadband (WiFi) in DPP EON?

 Answer: Yes, UUM has provided broadband (WiFi) 4 Mbps speed for the convenience of all students either in residential college or in the lecture rooms.

Office Address & Hour

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